Anna Zaboeva — shoe designer/founder of Pleasemachine Style Lab makes  artisanal footwear – boots out of 50-year-old ball gowns. Or stilettos out of vintage carpet. You see, she wants you to contemplate: “Are you adding to the colossal waste that is swallowing the world or are you being a responsible citizen of this world?” asks Anna. Pleasemachine is based on the concept of sustainable living by #recycling or up-cycling discarded materials.

Each shoe created by Anna has a unique character. Born in East Siberia Anna grew up in a household where recycling was a necessity. She studied textile engineering at the Moscow State University and filmmaking at Novosibirsk State University, before moving to Europe. 

When she came to #Europe Anna encountered huge piles of discarded clothing and home furnishings in the dumpsters. She began collecting cast-off materials — vintage carpets, colourful nylon dresses with funky patterns, upholsteries etc. She became a dumpster-diver. She first made a pair of sandals with leather soles out of a vintage nylon dress that she dug out from the dumpster. That was the beginning to a profitable, creative, environment-friendly business. 

Shoes became Anna’s medium to communicate her ideas about the environment and conservation. She established her artisnal footwear bran in April 2008. Soon, her shoes made out of discarded textiles sold right off the shelves at lightning speed. Anna takes anywhere between a week or two months to make a pair of shoes. 

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