Kaavya and Rajesh, #MyDaughterIsPrecious

She is only 14-years old, an Indian living in Dhaka. Kaavya Rajesh is the “precious” child of Rajesh a photographer. The father and daughter duo have embarked on a heartwarming photographic project called #MyDaughterIsPrecious. Their aim is to spread an important message: Girls deserve to be loved and cherished. 

The ninth-grader was moved to action after watching the documentary, Girl Rising. “The film was about girls not receiving a proper education or fair treatment,” she says. It was also the first time that she learnt that 62 million girls across the world are unable to attend school due to poverty, early marriage and other reasons. “I also realised the girls in India and Bangladesh are not valued and cherished by their own families. I realized how lucky I am to have parents who love me and send me to school, something I just take for granted.” And she decided to do something about the girl children. When she told her father about it, Rajesh was not only proud of his child but decided to work alongside his daughter to raise awareness about the need to cherish girl children. The duo decided to put their passion for photography to good use. 

Rajesh has been creating a calendar every year for the past 5 years using his photographs to raise money for a good cause. “My daughter is extremely precious to me,” he says. “I have a photo of her in my wallet and on my desk at office. I thought it would be a good idea to take pictures of photos of fathers with their daughters. Kaavya is also interested in photography and this would be something we could do together.”

#MyDaughterIsPrecious focusses on the lower socio-economic strata of the society where education of a girl child takes a backseat in the daily grind of survival. “We realized that most people who live in these areas can’t even afford a photograph,” says Kaavya. “So we thought of giving them a polaroid picture of father and daughter, which will be a constant reminder that their daughter is precious.” 

A simple yet precious idea, indeed! 

Visit #MyDaughterIsPrecious page on Facebook and support this father and daughter. 

Muhammad Jinnataul is a rickshaw puller who lives in Korail, Dhaka. He has two daughters – Hasi and Khushi. Their names mean laughter and happiness and that is what he wishes for them. Image Courtesy: Kaavya & Ramesh
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