They are a unique publishing house-cum-storytelling studio with big dreams. They call themselves Kokaachi — that’s the name of the monster that featured commonly in the childhood stories of the founders, Prateek and Tina Thomas.
Kokaachi’s USP is telling original stories; telling them differently and beautifully. 

They have made a promise to themselves and to the world: “We’re going to tell stories 
of ourselves, of young people who make choices that change their lives forever and of
everyday relationships…” And so they spin stories about dogs, cats and mice; 
wolves and eagles; manta rays and jelly fish and more. Then there are monsters and 
aliens, ghosts and ghouls, mad scientists and primate armies…well, what’s life 
without all these characters in it, right? Their refreshingly original stories are a result 
of them being miffed at what’s available in the marquee — “mythology rehashes and superhero copycats”. We hate them too.

So Kokaachi tells stories that stay long after the details fade out and through various
medium — comics, picture books, animation, movies…and our favourite… Matchbox 
Comix. It’s nothing short of a ‘a tiny box of awesomeness’. 
Matchbox Comix are quick comic bites that come inside matchboxes. Edition 1 consists
of six colours (red, green, blue, purple, orange and gray) accordion stories and printed 
on thick matte white paper. The tales tales are humorous, weird & whimsical, like the
story of a dandelion’s flight across lands filled with sights both wondrous and mystical 
or the cement boy who meets the love of his life.

Currently, Kokaachi is working on the second edition of Matchbox Comix, which should be out in June or July 2016. It will again a set of 6 boxes/stories with Alicia Souza as one of the contributors. They have all the markings of a ‘Collector’s item’. After all, these are stories for your child and the child in you.


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