A group of researchers have created a silicone membrane that closely resembles and adheres to the skin. It can be used to treat eczema and other skin conditions; and also to eliminate wrinkles and under-eye bags. You can  apply sunscreen and other creams on it too.
The material, called Second Skin, is made up of siloxanes, which together form polymers.
The material is extremely thin and  mimics those properties of younger skin.
To apply it, first a clear liquid is applied to the skin, then the Second Skin is applied, which adheres to the polymer. The skin stays on for a least a day, but can be washed off at any point using a solution that can dissolve the polymer material.
The product was funded by a biotech company called Living Proof, and is being developed by a company called Olivo Laboratories.
The work was published yesterday  in the journal Nature Materials.
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Image & information courtesy: Popular Science.