Trust the Japs to come up with creative solutions to alarming problems.
Only 2% of people succeed in getting organ transplant in Japan (children suffer the most). By far the worst in the world.
Second Life Toys (SLT) in Japan decided to create awareness about the importance of organ donation in the country.
To start this important conversation they decided to use soft toys. An object that appeals to the child (and the child in the adults). Moreover a definite way to change the future is by talking to the children of the present.
SLT’s creative way to educate the public power of organ transplant involves repairing broken toys using parts donated by old toys.
This is how it works:
If someone has a toy that’s well-loved but is not used then they can send it to SLT for organ donation.
Or if someone has a toy that’s broken and want it fixed then they can send it to SLT for organ transplant.
For example, SLT will fix the broken trunk of an elephant with a tail donated by a squirrel or the horse’s leg is made good as new with legs donated by a bear.
The operated toy is then sent back to the family with a letter from SLT about the importance of organ donation and transplant.
The ‘recipient’ writes a ‘thank you note’ to the ‘donor’ family explaining how the generous act offered their toy a second chance at life.
This way toys are used as an effective metaphor to make the subject of organ donation less daunting and undeniably endearing.
Maybe we too can tackle difficult social subjects using toys…and start with our children today – our way to changing the future 😊
Image courtesy : Second Life Toys.