Just for a few moments everyday, when the sun sits on the horizon, the very last moment of dusk, the city of Hong Kong is washed with blue. 

That’s because at this precise moment the sky turns a deep blue, which is reflected on the high-rises and everything below. It is also the moment when the city’s lights come on. This time is called the ‘blue moment’ and it is breathtakingly beautiful, lasting for just a few minutes.

Photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagreze has captured Hong Kong’s Kowloon district, packed-liked-sardines with tall buildings, during the blue moments over a period of one year. He’s called his series of photos the Blue Moment. You can these beautiful images here: www.rjl-art.com

And what attracts this French fine-art photographer to Hong Kong? “It’s extreme urban development that looks like a race to the sky,” he said in an interview with The Atlantic. “The topography of the city, full of mountains and islands, leaving not much flat land, has forced the buildings to be all packed in the same areas.”

Image courtesy: www.rjl-art.com

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