She uses her sketchbook like how some youngsters use their mobile phones — to capture scenes that captivates them.
Archana Narendran has been diligently documenting modern Bangalore from August last and it has now resulted in a series of 15 illustrations. Endearing snapshots of the characteristics of Bangalore.
“My work mostly captures places and moments that people can relate to and connect their memories with,” she says.
Archana is an architect by profession and an illustrator by passion.
She runs her own studio called the Ink Trails where she illustrates and works on her architecture projects.
She has always loved sketching, but never took it seriously till she went to Scotland to do her masters in architecture. That’s where she began recording all her travels in the form of sketches.
She says the ongoing art series has helped her “appreciate the beauty of the city in spite of the traffic, garbage, etc.
“It’s helped me study buildings and spaces that have withstood all kinds of changes around it and yet merged with the new developments.”
One of the first things she sketched in Bangalore was its infamous traffic.
She sketches on the spot and later fills in the details. The artworks range from A5 to A4 and A3 size.
Her favourites sketeches? “Bangalore traffic and Koshys,” she says. But, of course!
Bangalore Traffic
Commercial Traffic
Iconic Koshy’s restaurant

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