Saltwater Brewery which opened in Florida in 2013, produces hand crafted beer.

In the beer industry, they are small fish.

But these guys have come up with an innovative technology that can be a game changer for the beer industry AND for the environment.

Before we tell you about the innovation lets back up a little…

Most of the plastic in the world ultimately ends up in the ocean killing birds and sea creatures.

Packs of beer are usually held together by plastic rings, which always ends up…you guessed it right…in the ocean.

Last year, just the Americans alone consumed 6.3 billion gallons of beer and 50 percent of it in cans. And you guessed it right again…yes more plastic rings found its way into the ocean.

Around the world 1 million sea birds, hundred thousand marine mammals and sea creatures become entrapped in plastic; they choke and die.

Saltwater Brewery, who have a special affinity for the ocean (these guys actually give back to the ocean through Ocean Based Charities) has created, for the first time in the world, Edible Six-Pack Rings, to hold packs of beer.

Instead of using plastic they have used organic materials to create these rings. The rings are made out of byproducts of the beer making process — like spent barley and wheat.

The rings are biodegradable and compostable.

When these rings end up in the ocean, the sea birds and creatures feed on them instead of choking on them like they do when the feed on plastic.

Edible rings are tough as plastic, but without the detrimental effects.

What an idea!

Big problems need just simple solutions 🙂