Caramelized Fish (Vietnam)

Food erases the need for a common spoken language. The chef who made this was from Vietnam. He conversed in his native tongue of which I knew head nor tail. Yet, we understood each other perfectly. It was a memorable photoshoot.


300 gm Mud fish (family of snakehead fishes) or boneless Basa fish (type of catfish)
60 ml cooking oil
50 gm spring onion (chopped and whole)
40 ml fish sauce
200 ml coconut milk
50 gm white sugar
2 gm black pepper


Dissolve 40 gm of sugar in fish sauce.
Marinate fish in black pepper, spring onion and sugar-fish sauce mixture for about 30 mts to a hour and a half, but not beyond that.
Add sugar to the pan and caramelise to golden amber colour.
Then add the fish and fry for five to seven minutes on each side.
Add coconut milk. 
Serve it in a clay pot.

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