Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Bacon and chicken — you can’t go wrong with that now, can you?

Makes six pieces

500 gm chicken strips
5 gm rosemary
15 gm mustard dressing 
10 gm balsamic dressing
130 gm bacon strips 
15 gm grilled zucchini strips
5 gm parmesan shaving
5 gm chopped parsley
30 gm tomato mayo 
Tooth picks.

Marinate the chicken and bacon in the dressings and rosemary for two hours.
Roll the bacon strip around the chicken strip and pierce it with toothpick to hold the chicken and bacon together.
Grill the chicken and zucchini on a hot plate till it is cooked. Remove from the grill, garnish it with parsley and parmesan cheese. 
Serve hot with tomato mayo dip.

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