Spring Roll

I think this roll is a work of art.

20 sheets rice paper
80 gm butter lettuce
25 gm Vietnamese herbs (type of mint) or regular mint 
70 gm carrot (julienned)
200 gm fresh rice vermicelli
200 gm sliced boiled pork (thin slices)
190 gm few sliced vegetables and basil 
10 gm chive (smallest species of edible onions)

Moisten rice paper with water (use a spray bottle).
Place butter lettuce on rice paper, then Vietnamese herbs, carrots, fresh rice vermicelli, and sliced vegetables.
Begin to firmly roll the ingredients in rice paper.
Fold in both edges to seal filling inside the spring roll. 
Place chive in such a way that little bit is protruding from the edge of the roll.
Continue to roll ingredients in rice paper to form spring roll. 
Arrange vegetables nicely on last part of the rice paper with the cooked pork red side facing outwards. 
Finish rolling up spring roll and serve.

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