5 Things You Should Know About The World’s First Hangover Ice Cream

Gyeondya-bar consists of ancient hangover remedy ingredients
1. In spite of having a name that sounds more like a strip-club, Gyeondya-bar is actually an ice-cream or rather more of a frozen lollipop that is said to cure hangovers. In that sense it is like the mother-of-all-ice creams.
2. It’s available in a convenience store in South Korea. After all ‘hangover cures’ is a 126$ million a year business in South Korea. (Understandable, considering their neighbour is a baby-faced villain called Kim Jong-un. Just the thought of him can get you to hit the bottle)

3. Gyeondya-bar is grape-fruit flavoured.

4. It consists of ancient hangover remedy ingredients such as oriental raisin tree fruit juice (this ingredient finds a place in the 17th century Korean medicine book)
5. Gyeondya means ‘hang in there’. Now that’s what we call…fullto-original macha! smile emoticon smile emoticon
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