Do You Know This Woman?

She calls herself Shalini V 2.0 -“the new improved version.”

Her family and friends know her as Shalini Saraswathi.

I don’t know her. But in my mind, she is Wonder Woman.

Shalini is 37. She is a deputy general manager with First Source Solutions.

She fell in love and married Prashanth. Just standing close to him can give other men a complex.

Prashanth gives the term Rock of Gibraltar a new meaning. Continue reading, and you will know why.

Shalini has a great smile. And an indomitable spirit. What she doesn’t have are her hands and legs.

She had them all her life — until 2013. After that, she grew a Lionheart.

Shalini was chosen by someone ‘up there’ (if you believe) or something somewhere (if you believe) to be that one person amongst a million people who would be eaten by a freaking bacteria.
It all happened after her fourth wedding anniversary. She had returned from a ‘celebratory’ holiday in Cambodia. She was pregnant with her first child. She was moving up the career ladder.

Then came the mild fever.

Doctors thought it was dengue. It was not. It was Rickettsial with morts, a rare bacterial infection.

Months in ICU was followed by the loss of her baby and the amputation of one hand.

A few months later the other hand amputated itself.

And when gangrene set in, her legs had to go too.

Life began to unravel fast. As if it was in a hurry to reach the finish line.

What was left in her was her spirit – broken but still alive.

The road to the future was not easy.

Wonder Woman never had it easy. Did she ever? If she did then she wouldn’t be Wonder Woman, right?

Shalini writes on her blog (bookmark it)

“How did I go through all this – I honestly don’t know.

I lived each day at a time, made small achievable goals for myself, read every book I could lay my hands on and like my life depended on it, learnt classical music, looked forward to friends visiting – more than anything else hoped and believed that tomorrow will be better…I knew tomorrow will be beautiful because when you hit rock bottom, the only way for you is upwards!”
If anyone knows a thing or two about summiting life, it would be Shalini.

On a Sunday in May 2016, Shalini ran the TCS World 10K with running blades – a loan from Ottobock, a German company .

As I said earlier, I don’t know Shalini. I first heard about her from a friend. But I know this: when she urges you to do the following. do it without questions asked. Because this woman knows what she is talking about:

“So walk in the rain, stick your tongue out and catch the raindrops, hold hands, feel the grass under your feet, smile at strangers, admire good looking men/women, fall in love, call someone you have been meaning to, give big tight hugs, kiss a boy or girl(if that’s your thing), flirt, dance till you drop, wear your red lipstick, join that class you have always wanted to, buy the shoes you want, write a book, sing aloud, learn to play an instrument, bungee jump, sky dive, travel to Antarctica for all I care – LIVE TODAY AND LIVE IN THE MOMENT – you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow!” ( )

Shalini V 2.0 deserves to be trending

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