Unusual Faces The Size Of A Rock

Yoshiko Hayama. Pic courtesy: Sankei Photo

Shozo Hayama spent 50 years of his life collecting rocks. Nothing drastically unusual there. But what was unsual was that he only collected rocks that resembled faces – chiseled only by nature. Today the collection is housed in a museum called Chinsekikan in Chichibu, 2 hours from Tokyo. It is probably the only museum in the world of this kind. The collection consists of around 1700 rocks.There’s one which looks like Elvis Presley and even like video game character Nemo. Most of the rocks have names. But not all rock-faces resemble a celebrity, so some rocks go without a name. If it is your lucky day you might get to christen one of the rocks.

Hayama passed on in 2010. Today the museum is run by his widow Yoshiko Hayama.

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