1. Google Toilet Locator is an app that will help you locate, hopefully, a clean, toilet in your surroundings asap.
  2. Finding a toilet using the app is similar to locating a theater or a restaurant using Google Maps. You enter ‘toilet’ or ‘swach’ or ‘swachhata’ in the search bar, and the app will point you to the closest toilet.
  3. The app will lead you to public toilets and also those inside public buildings like malls, hospitals, metro stations, petrol pumps, etc.
  4. Be prepared. Initially, the app might not point you to the cleanest toilet (finding a clean toilet in India is like finding a needle in the haystack). It might just lead you to the nearest toilet. And if it is unclean or broken down, you can leave a review of it. The Locator is hoping to use such reviews to provide you with better search results in future.
  5. Google is working with Ministry of Urban Development, India to launch the Toilet Locator.
  6. The app will be launched mid-November 2016 in Delhi.  And soon will be launched in other cities too.

Pic courtesy: Aliexpress