Anything Can Happen Over (Free) Coffee

In Delhi University, North Campus, opposite Miranda College, there’s a shack that you should know about. Especially now, when the country is embracing barter system of the economy like a long lost cousin.

There’s no seating or rather limited seating here, and that is if you consider the plastic lumps placed outside the shack as ‘seating.’ But that doesn’t bother the patrons. They have a limited menu — burgers, shakes, and coffee. Nothing fancy. But delicious comfort food, especially for the collegians with a light wallet. Their coffee and the Mud Bud Shake comes highly recommended. However, that’s not why this shack-café called is currently one of the favourite spots in this part of the Capital.

It owes its renown to its novel concept. Here, you can exchange books for a free coffee, shake or eats. You can bring a book and exchange it with fellow bibliophiles and coffee-drinkers who are usually hanging around the place or with the café. Either way, you get a free drink/food. The cafe has also placed some books on a ledge outside which you can share or exchange. In case you have nothing to swap or not into reading, never mind – you can still have a hearty meal for two for Rs.200 roundabouts. That’s a steal, right?

Oh, and the shack is called Xchange Over Coffee or XCO, co-founded by the culinary team of Shivam Dewan and Paras Arya. And it is based on the principle of “sharing is uniting; building a community where people share/exchange than buying.”

Let their tribe increase!

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pic courtesy: XCO Facebook Page

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