When Jimi Hendrix Became Art

YouTuber LuluxXX has used Google’s Deep Dream based on neural network technology to blend art and music. And the result is mesmerisingly hallucinogenic!

The experimental artist has combined live footage of Jimi Hendrix singing Hey Joe (1967) and the artworks of Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius, a French illustrator, cartoonist and a die-hard fan of the musician. (Jimi Hendrix was an “angelic” presence in many of Moebius’s art)

For the uninitiated, neural network is a system of hardware/software designed to emulate the operations of neurons in the brain. Neural networks can modify themselves as they learn from initial training and subsequent runs provide more information about the world. Deep Dream is a software created by Google based on neural network.

LuluxXX’s video has line-based work fed to the neural network. And it produces an eye-popping rendition of art animating the musician.

We are really into the beginning of something exciting in the field of art with innovation in the neural network technology. After all, even video games did have a beginning, right?

check out Lulu xXX Youtube videos There are some cool videos and experimental animation work.

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