Ordering Fish Online For The First Time

It took me some time to bite the bait. Though I should confess, it didn’t take much to convince me to buy fish — online.

I like going to the market to buy my fish. It is an experience by itself. But I  know most of the time I do not get fresh fish in Bangalore. Sometimes,  I  have been hoodwinked by the fish sellers ( I am not well-versed in the nuances of buying fish, you see). But on days when I feel lazy (which is most of the time, these days) I had yearned for a door delivery like Fresh To Home (FTH)

I am told that FTH is India’s first e-commerce venture in this space. I like their concept: delivering chemical-free fish and antibiotic free poultry and meat at your doorstep and fresh too. FTH  delivers fresh produce using disruptive technology that connects fishermen and poultry farmers directly to customers, thereby doing away with middle-men and time wastage.

They have a website and an app.

I ordered last evening via their website. I was given a few options of time slots for delivery. Picked the 8.30 am to 12 noon Sunday slot. And mentally prepared myself to decide on a fish-free lunch menu.  Call it a habit or experience, I  usually don’t expect on-time deliveries from most e-commerce ventures in Bangalore. But to my surprise, FTH delivered the fish at 10 am. That means I can still have a fine Sunday fish curry lunch – on time.

I ordered the Thread Finned Bream or Pink Perch. Known as kilimeen locally. Medium-sized. And whole fish. Meaning, I decided to clean the fish myself. FTH gives you the option of cleaned and cut fish or meat. Charges extra. While my fish cost Rs 219 for a kilo the cleaned lot would’ve  cost me roundabouts Rs.300.

The fish, as promised is fresh. Really fresh, as if I caught ’em. 🙂

The only grouse I had was when I wanted to order seer fish the only quantity available was 6kgs. What would I (a family of two) do with 6kgs of fish? Eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between? Sigh! Wish FTH would introduce the option of smaller quantities, especially seer fish.

Btw, this is not a paid review. It’s just my opinion.

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