Nym, the dog, was born in Romania. It is also where some wicked people gouged out her eyes. (Who does that? Scum!). When Sian Sian Poter, a 38-year-old nurse in the UK, got to know about Nym, she decided to adopt the mongrel. With the help of the Blind Dogs Rescue Sian brought Nym home. It wasn’t easy at first. Because you see, along with her sight, Nym also lost her ability to trust. She would cower in fear every time Sian touched her. But Sian wasn’t going to give up on Nym. And finally all that patience paid off, and Nym began responding to Sian’s love. Yeah, Nym has her bad days, but they are far and few now. Moreover, she has mama Sian and other doggy siblings to see her through those dark days. Today Nym goes around not just enjoying life, but winning in it too. And as for Sian, she’s got herself a tattoo (photo on top right) of Nym – for she loves her so.

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