Vito – Before & After

“About two years ago, I walked into the CUPA Trauma Centre in Hebbal to spend some time with the dogs there. Among the many, many dogs, I noticed this one Labrador, who looked exhausted and unable to sit. I looked carefully, and almost the entire back half of his body was just raw, inflamed skin and his legs, so swollen, I couldn’t imagine how he was standing.

Vito is one of the countless Labradors rescued by CUPA. He came to the trauma centre with pretty severe burn wounds (mostly on his hind legs and genital area), an enlarged heart which had led to terrible edema in the same area and a suspected kidney infection. I met him on June 30, 2014, Monday.

I met Vito again the next day at Cessna Lifeline, where he’d come for an examination. While we’ll never know what Vito went through in his life before being rescued by CUPA, the doctors at Cessna said they’d seen this kind of severe skin infection caused by burns when boiling water or oil has been thrown on a dog! He also had fluid in his lungs because of his heart condition. The folks at CUPA concurred that Vito needed to be placed in a foster home, where he’d have a clean and dry place to recover. As we waited for his examination to finish, (husband), Balu and I decided we’d foster him. He came home with us on July 1, 2014, Tuesday night.

Balu named him Vito, a name derived from Latin ‘vita’ or “life.”

I am not a good enough a writer to articulate my feelings when I think about the pain and suffering that Vito has gone through. Yet, when I first met him at the Trauma Centre, exhausted from standing, because he couldn’t sit with all the raw, inflamed skin and swollen legs, leaning against my leg, because he wanted me to continue stroking his head and not stop – his beautiful brown eyes shone with love and trust.

Vito adopted us a few months into his foster care. We think it was meant to be.

He has grown into a more beautiful dog than he was when he came home…if that’s even possible. He isn’t just the most handsome of fellows, he is also the gentlest and most even-tempered dog I have ever known. He’s also playful and stubborn with an almost insatiable need for affection. For anyone who has preconceived notions or apprehensions about adopting an adult dog, I’d say…do not think twice!”

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