Mint To The Rescue

If you live in India you need to find a way to co-exist with flies. You cannot avoid ’em. But flies gross me out. And bugs the hell out of me, especially when I sit down to eat. Today was no different.  There was this one fly that was obsessed with doing the tango on my dining table. But then the fella didn’t take into account my tenacious mum — who has numerous fly-thwarting ideas in her kitty. She plucked a small twig of mint from her teeny-tiny herb garden and plonked it on the table. Bingo! The obnoxious fly hasn’t returned. “Mint is the mantra,” mum advises, “Drop a few mint leaves into a bowl of water and place it on the table and see the flies and other insects flee,” she says. Or you can make a beautiful bouquet out of mint and stick it in the vase instead of regular flowers. That too works 🙂

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