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Name: Aliyeh Rizvi

Where are you from? Bangalore.

How long have you lived in this place? Over 30 years.

What do you do? I run Native Place, which works to find alternative ways in which to connect/involve people with their local history and culture through experiences (walks and events) and documentation (travel, heritage, culture).

Where can we see your work?

What is Bangalore famous for — food/music/dance/architecture?

  • Local food from local communities —Tamil, Andhra, Kerala, Marathi, Muslim, Cutchi  Memon, Iyengar — that reinforce its unique cosmopolitanism.
  • The original Kingfisher beer, rock pubs, not lounge bars.
  • Five unique, inclusive street processions/ festivals that are a part of the city calendar:   The Pete Karaga, Ulsoor Poo Pallakki, Kadlekai Parishe, Moharrum Juloos, St.Mary’s Feast.

What are the 3 best-kept secrets of Bangalore, which only the locals are aware of?

  •       Bangalore is a spirited city: The first Sepoy Mutiny was initiated here at the Bangalore Fort, Kalasipalayam in 1832, much before Meerut in 1857.
  •      Bangaloreans are brainy: Nimhans (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences) in Wilson Garden has a Brain Museum.
  •      Bangalore is quirky: It rains here during April-May in the height of summer and primarily in the evenings during the monsoon.

Three city-specific chow that one should taste in Bangalore and where can we find it?

  •  Siddappa’s Mess: For the softest idlis and dosas. # 38, 7th Main, 5th Cross, Sampangiram Nagar, Bangalore.Open from 8:00 am – 11:00 am. Cash only. To be paid under the Peepul Tree.
  •  Maratha Darshan: Spicy non-vegetarian military cuisine at  Thimmiah Road, off Queen’s Road. Open for lunch only. 12 noon-3pm. Mondays closed.
  •  Tava phaal (mutton stir-fry) and Bangalore Biriyani at the Bangalore Muslim food stalls on MM Road during Ramzaan.6 pm onwards. Cash only.

Three best places to shop

  •  Rukmini Hall, Chicketpet Main Road for traditional silk sarees.
  •  Subbamma’s Angadi, HB Samaja Road, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavangudi for condiments  (chutney podi, holige, obbattu, kodbaLe, sakkare acchu)
  • Balaji’s Antiques, Avenue Road for vintage memorabilia and his stories.

Three sights one should see

  •  The wholesale flower market in KR Market off Avenue Road
  • The 9th-century hero stone or Vira-Gallu at the Government Museum, Kasturba Road that bears the first recorded name of Bengaluru
  • Bhoganandishwara Temple in Nandigram village, Chikkaballapur, near Nandi Hills if you cannot make it to Hampi.

Three things a traveller should know about Bangalore?

  •  The only way to REALLY see the city is to WALK.
  •  The best way to get around town is by smiling genuinely and being polite.
  • We speak Kannada here, not Kannad.

3 things a traveller should do in your city

  •   Take a morning walk through the flowering trees of Cubbon Park and admire the Frangipani and Cassia blossoms next to King Edward’s statue
  •  Order scrambled eggs on toast for brunch at India Coffee House, Church Street
  •   Wander through the local markets in the Bengaluru Pete off Avenue Road.

And the three things a traveller should not do in Bangalore?

  • Don’t call auto drivers bhaiyya. Guru, Sir, Anna will do fine.
  • Don’t flash big notes and irritate bus conductors. Carry exact change.
  • Don’t ask for instant coffee.
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