How Bangaloreans Are Turning Anger Into Art

Bangalore is angry. It has been for quite some time now. People are angry because women are being assaulted and their rights infringed. They are livid at the response of our leaders to these abuses. They are filled with rage. What do you do with anger that can decimate? You turn it into art. A creativity that people will respond to and can be a part of.

That’s what Sandbox Collective in association with Eduardo Conceicao, architect and set designer from Berlin plan to do later this week.

Sandbox Collective is a Bangalore-based art collective that curates produce and commissions performances. They have performed over 400 shows, across the country and abroad in the last three years. “For us at Sandbox Collective, these happenings (assault against women) have been a trigger of sorts. It seems the formal spaces in which stories, responses and dialogues can be shared are few and often loud and cluttered,” says Nimi Ravindran, co-founder of Sandbox Collective.

So they, along with Eduardo, came up with Museum of Memories (MoM), where art, film, songs and visuals will be used to respond to issues around gender, violence and equality. MoM is a part of a larger art project called The Portable Museum.

The Portable Museum relates to André Malraux “imaginary museum” (Museum without walls), as well as to the original form of the museum, the “cabinet de curiosité”. It is conceived as a mobile exhibition space that opens itself to the streets of Bangalore, curated by the inhabitants of the city. Each participant is asked to give or create an object piece for the museum, which represents their individual experience of urban life. In combination with the objects of other participants, a unique, locally generated and diverse image of Bangalore will be created, showing hidden aspects of Bangalore’s complex character.

Eduardo Conceicao -architect and set designer from Berlin

MoM will be an un-curated, open and inclusive space which will feature works of art by anyone who chooses to participate. Eduardo who has been an artist in residence with Sandbox Collective for the last eight weeks has created a skeletal structure for a Museum that would be easy to transport. The collapsible skeleton that can be set up anywhere in record time and can be used in a variety of ways to display artworks or converted into an incredibly intimate performance space. Eduardo Conceicao is in Bangalore as part of the The BangaloREsidency, a project of Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

Sandbox Collective has received an unprecedented response from artists who are creating works at short notice to display at the MoM. Viewers and audience that walks in to see the museum can also submit their work to be shown.

Also, to the display of artworks, there will also be Live Booth at MoM where people can stop by and share their experiences, thoughts, opinions and memories under a minute or two.

MoM will no doubt be an excellent exercise in turning anger into art – an artistic response to issues regarding gender and equality in India.

The Museum of Memories will be open to all.
Free Entry
Dates:  14th and 15th of January.
Time:  10 AM to 5 PM
Venue: Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, CMH Road, Indiranagar

For more information or queries write to

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