Are You Ready To Create A Wall Of Kindness In Your Area?

Wall of Kindness in Bhilwara

Kindness not only helps people. But this particular brand of compassion prevents people from urinating and defacing walls.

Walls of Kindness/Humanity have been sprouting in different parts of Northern India. These are colourfully painted walls from which hang clothes and footwear generously donated by people for the less privileged in the society to take for free

The first such Wall came up in Bhilwara, Rajasthan towards the end of 2016. It was inspired by the original Wall of Kindness in Iran, which was started by an anonymous Iranian in Mashhad to serve the poor during the cold winter months. Soon Iranians began painting the walls outside the walls and had clothes hanging from pegs for people who needed them. And the motto of the movement was painted on the walls clearly:  Leave if you do not need and take if you need.

Soon the movement caught on. And similar Walls of Kindness sprung up in India, Pakistan, China and Rome.

A Wall of Kindness in Iran. Pic courtesy: Sydney Morning Herald

In India, it was initiated by a resident of Bhilwara who approached Pradeep Singh, secretary of the Urban Improvement Trust in Bhilwara to start a similar wall in their area. Though initially sceptical, Singh got local artists to paint a wall and started India’s first wall of kindness. With a couple of days, people overwhelmed him with their generosity. Today, in Bhilwara you can find not just clothing and footwear on/near these walls but also other much-needed sundry items. There is nobody guarding these goodies. While the poor have been helping themselves, the generous people continue to give. A win-win for all.

Today, Bhilwara has four such walls where you can find clothing, footwear and utensils left for the underprivileged. Now in Jaipur too there are three such walls. Such acts of kindness is a great unifier in this nation. Something that’s needed now more than ever before.

Such acts of kindness is a great unifier in this nation. Something that’s needed now more than ever before. I like the concept. Especially what the homeowners in Iran did — convert the outer walls of their homes into a Wall Of Kindness. Why not do something like this in Bangalore too?

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