Loving Vincent Is An Animation Film That Vincent Van Gogh Would’ve Loved

“We cannot speak other than by our paintings” – Vincent van Gogh

Loving Vincent is an animated feature film (see the video below) that tells the story of post-impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh’s ill-fated life, his passion and his untimely death.

The film brings the paintings of the artist to life.

There are 62,450 frames in the film.

Each one of these frames is an oil-painting hand-painted by 115 professional oil painters from all across Europe.

It took 12 oil paintings to create a one-second footage.

In the process, 1345 paintings were discarded

94 of Van Gogh’s original paintings are also added to the mix.

If you are still wondering how it was done, here goes: According to the Loving Vincent website, a painting design team spent one-year re-imagining Vincent’s painting into the medium of film. These paintings, along with the storyboard and computer generated layout animatic formed the basis on which the live action shoot was planned.

Starry Nights by Van Gogh

All the characters in Loving Vincent are performed by real actors either on specially constructed sets, designed to look like Vincent’s paintings, or against green screens with the Loving Vincent Design Paintings composited in through a live view system on the set.

The live action material was then combined with computer animation for elements such as birds, horses, clouds and blowing leaves and composited together with the ‘design paintings’ to create the reference material for the painting animation.

The painting animators task was to transform this reference material into Vincent van Gogh’s painting style, and then to re-create the movement of the shot through animating each brushstroke.

Once a frame was completed the painting animator took a 6k resolution digital still, and then began work on the next frame. At the end of each shot, they were left with a painting of the last frame of the shot.

There are 898 shots in the film.

If all that sounded like Greek and Latin to you, then let me simplify it for you: the story was shot in live action enacted by actors, and these scenes were used as references to paint each frame in Van Gogh style. And when the static frames are given movement they become animated and tell the story of one of the greatest painters of this world.

Robert Gulaczykstars, a Polish actor, stars as Vincent van Gogh. The film is directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welshman.

The film’s release date is yet to be announced. But you can watch the trailer here

Now for the uninitiated, Vincent van Gogh is a Dutch painter born on March 30, 1853, in Netherlands.

He is considered the greatest Dutch painter after Rembrandt.

He never painted as a child. He excelled in languages, though. Vincent never completed his schooling.

He started his career as an art dealer and was one for almost a decade.

After which he became a preacher. He gave away all his possessions to the needy.

However, the church dismissed him because they found him to be too enthusiastic about his faith.

Van Gogh was a tortured soul. It was during this time that he took to art, which led him to create fantastic art and a life of poverty.

Most of Van Gogh’s notable works were produced during the last two years of his life.

His paintings renowned for its colour, emotion and beauty were a grand influence on 20th-century art.

But for all his talent Vincent lived in penury and went unnoticed all through his life.

He sold just one painting in his life.

Van Gogh had mental illness all through his life. It is said, he was bipolar and also suffered psychotic episodes along with epileptic seizures.

He famously cut off part of his right ear during one of his violent episodes.

He voluntarily committed himself to a psychiatric institution.

During this period, over a year, Van Gogh created more than 100 works, including his famed Starry Nights.

Van Gogh continued painting for a short while after he was released from the hospital.  However, he soon spiralled into depression.

On July 27, 1890, he walked into a nearby wheat field and shot himself, but he then walked back to his room clutching his bloodied torso and died in bed two days later.

He was only 37.

Apparently, his last words to his brother were: “The sadness will last forever.”

However, if he’d been alive, he would’ve discovered that his art brought great joy to people. And now the film too…

Via theartstory.com & lovingvincent.com

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