The Man Who Wanted To Be A Barber

Sriram Aravamudan (41)
Landscaper, Bangalore

I am an introvert. But people around me refuse to believe it. They see me as someone who is gregarious; an extrovert. But I am the happiest when I am alone. I enjoy the blankness of being with myself. I also realised that the happiest moments of my life were spent in the comfortable blankness of a bike ride, and my new acquisition, a brand new Royal Enfield Bullet, allows me to do just that.

I don’t have a vision for my future. I don’t have any grand goals for life. And I am not too upset about it.

I always manage to find something that makes me happy. I bake, sing, read, landscape…

When I was a teenager, I dreamt of becoming a barber. A haircut looked like this incredible instrument of transformation. You went into a barber shop looking like a hobo and emerged like a handsome hero. Or at least, in your head, that’s what you thought was going to happen to you when you went to the barber shop. Unfortunately, for me, my before and after were always the same. In fact, the ‘after’ was a lot worse than the ‘before’. I always ended up looking like a wet crow after a trip to the saloon, and it provided endless mirth to my dad. Still, I was fascinated with cutting hair.

Of course, it was the 90’s and not a time of free will for children to choose their careers. Naturally, I didn’t have the courage to tell my parents, my father, a scientist and my mother, a writer, that I wanted to become a barber!

I was given the grand choice of either pursuing medicine or engineering. Since I got a free seat in engineering, that is what I studied. I worked in the field for ten years. I always thought I was paid more money than I ever needed. Then I quit my job and pursued my path. It was me rebelling – decades later. I always aced biology in school. I loved plants. I had this lofty idea of ‘greening Bangalore’. That’s how I became a landscaper.

If there’s one thing that I want in life, it is to live on a green cliff by the sea or in a little forest, by the stream and surrounded by trees. I don’t like cities. City frills don’t interest me. The only things holding me back from packing my bags are my family and close friends.

I still want to be a barber. But since I’m going to be living in the forest, I might opt for shears instead of scissors!


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