Ocean Ramsey

You will not hear many people say this until they are Ocean Ramsey: “I am never fully awake until I am in the water with the sharks. It is probably the calmest and peaceful part of my day.”

Well, you will not hear many people say this until they are Ocean Ramsey.

A native of Hawaii, Ocean Ramsey is a shark conservationist, a biologist, research diver, underwater photographer/videographer, competitive free diver and surfer, a professional scuba instructor and yeah…also an avid swimmer. She’s even worked as an aquarist and curator with sharks (honestly, I didn’t know that was even a career 🙂 She has shared the water with sharks her entire life.

If you ask people what’s their greatest moments in your life are, they’d say “birth of my children” “meeting George Clooney” or “climbing Mt Everest”. If you ask Ocean Ramsey, she’ll say: “Diving with the Great Whites (sharks).”

“It’s difficult to express the incredible joy, and breathtaking emotion experienced locking eyes with a Great White. Watching the Sharks acknowledge and observe me while I peacefully allow them to swim towards me and the experience as they accept my touch,” she writes on her website oceanramsey.com

She hopes that by sharing her experiences with sharks that she can create awareness and inspire others to help protect these magnificent creations before it is too late. It’s estimated that there are less than 3,500 great white sharks left worldwide even as 100 million sharks are killed every year by humans.

You don’t have to dive into the ocean and coochie-coo with the sharks to protect them. Leave that to gutsy people like Ocean Ramsey. You can start small – “don’t eat shark fin soup or by souvenirs or support anything promotes the continued poaching of sharks,” Ramsey says.

She believes that by showcasing images of sharks and humans “interacting peacefully and intimately” that she can change the way people think about sharks.

I am sold. What do you say? Watch the video and decide. And oh…btw, Ocean Ramsey is her real name.

Here are a few links to some organisations that are working to preserve shark species.











Photo courtesy: Oceanramsey