The Earth is round and so am I (Tribune India)

Sarika Sharma

Sudha Pillai doesn’t believe in size zero. She is not one either. She also never saw a problem with her body. However, that was until one day a friend told her that instead of meeting international clients face-to-face, she should show them her work first. “Because once they see your work, they cannot say no to you, for, it is so damn good,” he said, leaving her stunned. Like always, the artist took to her canvas and began sketching. The result was Fat-Bottomed Ladies, her latest series.

Sudha laughs as she says she is still friends with the guy. She realised that he, who has lived and worked abroad all his life, was making this observation based on ground reality. “Let’s face it, anywhere in the world, and more so in India, first impressions always count. And strangely, there is a perception that if you are fair, slim and young, then you are “capable”, “intelligent”, “highly productive” and “an asset”. That’s utter nonsense. I am in my 40s and I know that I can do so many things that some of the slim, fair, 20-year-olds cannot,” says this former journalist.

So, Sudha’s women wear bikinis and dresses. They are also leading ladies. “If you notice, even when a movie is…Read more

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