International Women’s Day: How the Fat-Bottomed Ladies took on body-shaming and won (International Business Times)

You always have to go to plus size section to find your dress!

Your friends call you a potato!

You can’t wear a short dress because you have fat legs!

Are you really ashamed of your body shape? No matter what our judgemental society thinks, a woman should embrace every curve.

Sudha Pillai, a Bengaluru-based artist and media entrepreneur, roars against body-shaming and shows us how beautiful it is to have a healthy body, through her paintings.

Apart from being an artist, Sudha is a journalist, writer, and professional photographer too. She is also the founder of A Sunny Square, a digital lifestyle platform/magazine for creative ideas and inspiring stories.

She shares many of her drawings and scribbles on her Facebook page, Lines By Su.

While talking to International Business Times India about her experience, she reveals how she came up with the idea about the series of drawings Fat Bottomed Ladies; a graceful effort to shut down the haters.

Here are the edited excerpts of the interview:

International Business Times: Your drawings are steeped in a sense of realism. What inspires you the most?

Sudha Pillai: My art is my response to the world around me and within me. Events and experiences inspire me the most.

IBT: How did the idea of the ‘Fat-Bottomed Ladies’ come up?

SP: I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. The last time he saw me I was “thin”. Now I am 20kgs heavier. We were discussing working on some international projects when he suddenly blurted, “You’re too fat to make a good first impression on international clients. So, instead of showing your face, we will show them your work. Because once they see your work, they cannot say no to you since…Read more

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