Let’s talk cows (Sakal Times)

We chat up artist and writer Sudha Pillai who is showcasing her work Gauland in Bengaluru

Gauland is my response to what is happening in our country today. It probes the idea that man is letting the animal in him take over. What will happen then? Will he lose his ability to differentiate between right and wrong? If that is the case, then will it annihilate a nation?” wonders Sudha Pillai, artist, writer and founder of A Sunny Square (www.asunnysquare.com). Pillai is currently exhibiting her artwork titled ‘Gauland’ in Bengaluru. It is a collection of quirky artwork with a deeper meaning where you can see humans dressed in sophisticated attires with the heads of a cow.

Pillai, who created the drawings using pen and ink and later digitally coloured them, says that the use of flat colours is deliberate. “Gauland stemmed from a sleepless night spent on Twitter land. As I read tweet after tweet ranging from opinions to observations to responses, I came across more than a few monsters. It was as if they had unleashed the animal in their human selves and in the process lost their ability to differentiate between what is right and wrong. After all, this is the ability that separates man from animal, right?” she asks.

Pillai points out that when you look around in the country, you will see this unleashing of the animal in all its glory and the stupidity and vileness of some. “This got me thinking and Gauland came into existence, where the animal in man rears its head. Why cow? If I don’t give precedence to the cow, it might offend…Read More

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