Invisible man Liu Bolin

Artist Liu Bolin. Photo by Sudha Pillai

There is a man in the photo. Can you spot him?

If you did, he is the artist known as the Invisible Man. He is Liu Bolin from China, and he’s turned the act of ‘disappearing’ into protest-art.

His most famous work, Hiding In The City series, has now grown out of China to include notable locations in France, Italy, India and New York.

Bolin’s tryst with this kind of performance art began in 2005. He was protesting against the destruction of Suo Jia Cun, the largest congregation of artists in Asia and also Bolin’s home, by the Chinese government.

Bolin’s protest art then took on a life of its own. Soon Bolin began to pick locations in China that represented the process of the country’s ‘development’, and he would paint his body to camouflage himself into the chosen environment. The stillness of his body during the production of the work is his silent protest.

Bolin often says that he’s fighting for freedom and the social status of artists with his body.

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